smart & casual


One is Smart, and the other is Casual; as a combo deal, they’ve produced and directed two feature films with nationwide cinema release. Second of them is the Czech Republic’s first film shot in one take, which recently won the German Independence Award at Internation Filmfest Oldenburg and awards for Best film and Best camera at the Golden Eye filmfest in Tbilisi, Georgia. Upon first look, the duo might seem an unlikely pair: Matej is a self-taught filmmaker who started at the age of 6, later choosing to sacrifice a lucrative business career in order to pursue his dream. Mike, on the other hand, studied first as an actor at the prestigious Drama Centre London. Together, their joint interests and experiences have brought them to focus on working intimately with actors, and supporting this with attention to strong, arresting visuals. Their partnership has the benefit of any long-term collaboration: the two have intimate knowledge of how the one and the other work — their minds are in sync at the point of creative conception, and this extends to their on-set modus operandi, one half communicating with the DP as the other works with performers. But with such a winning combination, the question remains: who’s Smart? And who’s Casual?