milan balog


Born in 1980 in Trenčín, Slovakia, Milan was an avid reader and writer in his youth. But after being refused admission to study journalism due to a limited dorm capacity, Milan chose another path of education: documentary film study at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Milan claims that he has an ‘eclectic’ style of filmmaking. He doesn’t stick to any one genre, and nothing he does is formulaic. He manages equally well across the board, just as he did with his movie LooP, for which he was awarded a Grand Prix (Kyoto, Japan), Honorable Mention (Fresh Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic), and Special Jury Prize (Angers, France), and his graduation film1.35 for which he won the Arte Award (Oberhausen, Germany), Silver off (Wroclaw, Poland), and Honorable Mention (Fidechuy, Belgium).

Milan asserts that commercials are the place he learned to make movies. His treatments usually reflect this commitment to his craft, averaging out at about 40 pages hopefully you like to read. But the process seems to merit the outcome: just look at the clients Milan has been working with, clients who continue to bring Milan on as director: O2, 48 data, AA. We like Milan’s work too. And that’s why we act as his exclusive agents in the Czech Republic.