michael fueter


One could say Michael Fueter was pre-destined for a life in the arts. Growing up in Switzerland, as a child Michael was steeped in the creative class — a novelist uncle of Europe-wide acclaim, a famed Swiss actress grandmother, a grandfather who founded the largest production company in Switzerland, and a father who then took up the family torch.

It wasn’t long before Michael donned his family colours, taking an interest in photography and shooting Super-8 films at school. But it was editing commercials for his father that brought home some bacon, and with the pocket change earned, Michael invested in his first love: a drum kit.

After college, Michael did gigs and records as a drummer, until ‘the dream’ turned into a nightmare — literally: After a fitful vision of himself playing in a seedy hotel band as a senior citizen seared into his brain, Michael left music behind, and came right back home to filmmaking.

Rather than jump back into editing, Michael’s first professional gig began in the camera department. After a time spent behind the camera, it was clear that Michael’s real passion was for directing. Since moving into the director’s chair, Michael has shot for such clients as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Renault, Mazda, Switzerland Tourism, Carlsberg Breweries, COI, Swisscom, AXA, Credit Suisse, Swiss Post and many others.

Michael’s lengthy resume is paralleled only by the number of awards bestowed upon him, from Cannes Lions to Epica Awards, Eurobest, Cristal Festival, Art Director's Club New York, New York Festivals, Klappe Germany, Art Director's Club Germany, Art Director’s Club Switzerland, EDI Switzerland. All told, Michael has over 150 awards to his name.