the first golden lager in the world

pilsner urquell

case study

client: pilsner urquell
agency: ogilvy
director: tomáš bařina
dop: jan velický

This is the newest spot for Pilsner Urquell - a film that captures 5 epochs spanning 172 years, and outlines the challenges and triumphs of a beer (and a country) that has seen more change than stay the same, and managed to remain an original throughout. Created by our friends at Ogilvy Prague, and made with the loving touch of Director Tomáš Bařina and DP Jan Velický, this spot is a journey through history.

“172 years full of turbulent changes, revolutions, and modernization.”
Freshly poured original Pilsner beer from barrel is overwhelming! Pity I always travel to a shoot by car :-)

Pavel, executive producer

I like journeying through history; it is important to perceive one’s history in depth, and not just scratch the surface. To sense the details and uncover the unexpected because we often find we have much more in common than we think with people who have been long dead.

Tomas, director

And imagine being there for all of it? This spot imagines a single character - one young man - who saw all ages of the Pilsner brand, and understands the satisfaction that comes from crafting something with care, dedication, and a desire to make it the very best.

We took a page from Pilsner, and tried to do the same with the creation of this project.

This is already our fourth job in row working with Pilsner, and that might sound easy... but it’s even harder in the end, since you want to do it better than last time! And we set the bar quite high with our first Pilsner spot. To follow the best standard in our industry we had to encourage ourselves... and many thanks goes to agency, as they were fighting for all our ideas to go little bit further!

Pavel, executive producer

In a mere two days, Tomáš depicted five distinct eras, each with their own look, tone, style of dress, makeup, and hair...

I like traveling in time. In this commercial we moved from the 19th century, then jumped into the 40’s & 60’s, and ended up in the present - this is quite a big show to see all actors and extras dressed up in historical costumes. For me the final result is really awesome.

Tereza, production coordinator

We moved to the entrance gate established in 1982 with 4 dozen of extras, and a pair of horses with a wagon full of wooden barrels. The people and horses had to be coordinated, as well as the fireworks we used during the gate’s opening celebration. Just as we finished shooting these scenes, the local police officers arrived to stop our “performance”. It was 2 am…

Petra, producer

The result is a narrative not only of Pilsner’s ‘creation myth’, but that of our own country - the Czech Republic. The two are a shared history.

This opening scene is a fantasy about the first moments as the Pilsen beer was being invented by the brewmaster Josef Groll. We cannot see his face. He is always a silhouette or we can only see a fragment of him. Thus he remains a symbolic character.

Tomas, director

It all takes you into that time and moves your emotions

Tereza, production coordinator

And so were we.