runners are amazing


case study

client: glohealth
agency: brando dublin
director: milan balog

This is insurance company GloHealth’s debut TVC, a simple, streamlined message that celebrates the ingenuity and persistence of the human spirit in the face of something challenging. And in this case - the strength, beauty, and tireless passion of runners. Created with the Brando agency in Dublin along with director Milan Balog, the shoot itself was a marathon...

“You just have to go!”

Diversity is the most essential key and everything else derives from it. The spot must feel as if it were filmed continuously for several months with a range of different people, locations, atmospheres, and visual approaches. Although the whole spot feels like we have been collecting random interesting moments for a longer time, we underline 4 key moments—the Irish feel, the opening with Runners are amazing.’, the visual interpretation of ‘confidence’, and the visual interpretation of the benefit ‘And for the times you ́re not... We`ll be amazing...’. The voice over will then feel more organic, linked more closely to the image. We need to convey the ‘Irishness’ in more than a single shot—a recurrent motif would be the best way.

We wanted to shoot around 30 different shots, each in a different location with a different runner. And that was where the simple part ended, since we knew from the very beginning that our budget could cover only 2 shooting days for the whole project, meaning we would have to cover around 15 locations per day! We couldn't allow any fuck ups at all, so we just didn't make any. Sooo... we made it. ;)

Michal, producer

The approach was simple:
Stay lean, stay fit, stay agile, stay flexible & slim. Cut out the fat that slows you down. And lastly, get creative: turn disadvantage into your advantage.

When you know Milan Balog you know that each project he does he comes with something unusual and new... You are face to face with his inspiring ideas, and see how common things can be changed into something extraordinary.

Adam, production manager

So how to be fast (30 minutes a shot); move fast (6-7 locations per day); shoot fast (what to shoot on)?

We decided for quite an unusual step - to shoot on film stock, something that almost vanished from the contemporary tvc productions in these days. And to make everything simple and easy going we went for the classic - super 16mm camera. It worked just great with the natural lit locations and the result was much better than digital cameras!

Michal, producer

To shoot a nice TV commercial you can break given rules when you have the support of the advertising agency and a director with pockets full of ideas and a free-thinking soul. With GloHealth tvc we proved that you can really just take a camera, a couple of guys, and make it all happen the old way.

Michal, producer

We did it the old fashioned way: feet on the pavement, face to face with our task, ourselves.

When you see so many people running, it’s amazing. It shows you how easy it is. You just have to go.

Adam, production manager

Big thanks to beloved client who walks her talk ... NO, runs her talk - Amy Rowe :)