live according to your own rules

studentská pečeť

case study

klient: studentská pečeť
creative director: františek bumbálek
agency executive: klára mášová
director: milan balog
dop: filip marek

They tell you what to wear, where to go and what to do...or what not to do.
How to look cool... and how not to look cool, which is the most cool...of course.
How to be in and how to be out, so you can be in again.
You can be vegan and you can be a consumer. Eko-nazi or an old schooler.
You can be on a diet. Or not.
You’re still cool fat or slim.
You’re a hipster, geek, nerd and post-millenial.
You’re everything you can find in lifestyle magazines.
You can go your own way, to impress... or you can just sit there and be bored.
You can ride a bike...a surf board...a car...or an elephant... I don’t know, they have theories for everything.
You can be this, that or whatever, because you don’t give a damn.
You can do anything... But they’ve already said everything about you.
Why bother listening to them?