life hands you lemons; screw lemonade


case study

client: kooperativa
agency: yinachi
director: juraj janiš

Life is unpredictable. Scratch that; it’s a minefield and we all just hope to be lucky enough to avoid being that day’s collateral damage. But since that’s not always possible, Kooperativa has you covered, from the big to the tiny to the everyday. That’s what the newest campaign for Kooperativa is all about: It comes in handy to have them around. Cause you never know when it’s your turn to step on a mine.

"When people talk about it..."
Director Juraj Janiš is fresh on the market, but it doesn’t mean he is green. He’s worked as a creative on the agency side as well as a producer in a production company... Producers Dream over here.

Jan Honza Hrubec, executive producer

Our girly dream team Mysa, Tereza and I with director Janis made it a very easy and smooth shoot… Janis expects perfectionism not just from himself, but everybody on his team. From actors as well. While he is working with actors, he won’t move on from a take until he is satisfied, even if it’s 20 to 30 times.

Marika Jaksova, production manager

But to get to that kind of detailed perfection, Janis takes an unconventional — and fun — tack.

Janis combines two versions of shooting boards: drawn pictures, and photos from on location. But instead of actors he plays with us (the production crew) and tries out every single scene.

Tereza Nejedla, production coordinator

Preciseness of vision and a taste for enjoying the moment as you make it are what helped make Kooperativa an enjoyable — and successful — shoot. The spots are clever, but they’re subtle, making everyday situations relatable and at the same time, funny. Sounds simple, but wouldn’t it be the way that for an insurance spot, we were tested by variables you just can’t plan for.

There were moments where I doubted. Some of the scenes were completely dependent on sun, and the forecast was good — but on the day, cloudy. Clouds everywhere… No sun at all. We had to bite the bullet and set up a weather day the next week. And as we always do: we did it. We shot it.

Marika Jaksova, production manager

When do you know that something is a big success? When people talk about it… Last week I was at a meeting for another project with a well-known Prague advertising agency, and after a few moments of silence someone broke the ice, saying: ‘Hey, have you seen the new Kooperativa campaign? It’s a really good one. I like it. Who is the director?’

Tereza Nejedla, production coordinator

Now that’s what we like to hear.

Backstage video and the rest of the ads to play here: