how to wrangle a heron


case study

client: t-mobile
agency: saatchi&saatchi
director: tomáš bařina
dop: jan velický

It’s hard to get respect in this world. We all want it. But there are some of us will go to extremes to get it. Especially when getting it involves a physics teacher who’s past his prime winning the attention of a dozen bikini-clad women...and losing the trail on his overbearing wife. Ivan Trojan features in this new T-Mobile campaign whipped up by Saatch&Saatchi with Tomáš Bařina and Jan Velický.

For T-Mobile, we had a runner on set with us who wore a step-counter. After only one day of shooting, he’d run more than 35km!
To shoot multiple scenes at once, we put together 2 exceptional stand-alone crews... we failed at splitting Tomáš and Jan into 2 people :) so instead we would wrap one scene, shoot another, and prepare even another one all at once.

Adam Porkert, production manager

To date, this spot has over 1 million views online. Given that the population of the Czech Republic is only ten times that, we’re pretty confident we’ve got a hit on our hands.

Many times it’s been said that comedy is a serious profession, a tough job, which works only when you are well prepared and all is set precisely. But director Tomáš Bařina is one of the top when you need perfect storytelling. You can watch his work again and again and always get a little smile.

Jan Honza Hrubec, executive producer

When I saw the little boy actor for the first time, the script came to mind immediately: “How the hell are they going to get this guy under water and make him bite bread and schnitzel?!” I was talking to myself… Luckily for all of us he didn’t have to bite a real schnitzel. The skilled guys from art department made a fake one for the underwater scenes :)

Tereza Nejedla, production coordinator

Watching Ivan Trojan polish every sentence, every word into perfection; seeing him act - the timbre of his voice, the mimicry in his face, every move of his limbs singing in harmony. Those are truly unforgettable moments to experience. But to see Mr. Trojan as a regular man, giving autographs to ordinary visitors of the swimming pool with a sincere smile on his face? This was breathtaking.

Michal Cejnar, producer

Pavla Tomicova is like a bomb: always full of positive energy. It’s really easy to get on her wavelength; even if you are in a blue mood, her laugh gets you. But I was curious: Pavla is not an ultra-slim model with measurements like 90-60-90. How was she gonna face the fact that she had to wear a swim suit with a frog pattern, in front of a thousand watching eyes? But she was fantastic...

Tereza Nejedla, production coordinator

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