even for what’s not allowed


case study

client: ikea
agency: kaspen/jungv.matt
director: milan balog

The newest spot for IKEA, made with the help of KASPEN/JUNGv.MATT ad agency, takes Ikea’s newest line of kids’ furniture and proves that it’s as fun and creativity-inducing as a playground can be. With a cast of 8 kid actors and a massive wolfhound dog, director Milan Balog had to be sure that in this playground, he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

“Ever wanted to see what a kids’ punk band looks like?
You’re welcome.”

We do not want to give the impression we are watching a pretty zoo— just keeping our distance and being cautious, almost whispering so that we would not disturb them accidentally while taking nice pictures. Many shots should be filmed directly among children—their energy, motion, and enjoyment should be tangible. Put together with a client as great as Ikea — and with such a history of great commercials — the approach we took to make this was anything but punk rock.

Most of our preproduction time was spent creating the precise set design with all the IKEA furniture, color pallets and small details... We spent 4 days fine-tuning the set and all the props to the very last detail, and on the day we hired a great assistant director for the kids who helped us a lot with keeping up the good energy, spirit and readiness on-set.

Michal, producer

How to shoot kids’ heavy metal: The key point is to capture the energy, quickness, enjoyment, playfulness, imagination, and inventiveness. Striking the balance between creating scenes with that energy and enjoyment, but still with a look that does Ikea justice? This was the main task. To make naughty and destructive look fun... even for what’s not allowed.

Everyone had to be set on the kids tone because of the unpredictability that comes when you shoot with kids. But the whole shoot was a great fun!

Michal, producer

Working on this brand was such a great opportunity. I’ve never collaborated with Ikea and of course Ikea has its unique elements which we had figure out. We challenged ourselves a lot in order to completely understand the brand, which is always a great learning experience because it never works the same. And that’s what I love about my job!

George, exec. producer