it's your time


case study

client: data48
agency: brando dublin
director: milan balog
dop: antionio riestra

48 is a sub-brand of the Irish O2 for the target group of 18-22 year olds. Do they even know how precious this stage of life is?

The opposite of fear is courage...
Can you have a read of this for me?
Its just rough, Bren will fix it up in the morning.
I just wanted to share what I have.
It is not TV It is an internet film only.

Brando, 21. August 2012

It's your time!

48 is exlusive - a service available only for the 18-22 year-old demo - a group that can oscillate between visions of a bright, hopeful tomorrow; and moments of dark, brooding despair.

Would Milan be into it?
We would have to chat about money.
Shooting in CZ sounds good to me brother


Do you know Milan Balog? Do you really know him? Milan has quite the imagination. Some say he has a rich fantasy world. But do his dreams always have a happy ending? Hardly. When Milan, DP Antionio Rieastra (have you seen Universal Picture's horror flick Mama?) and editor Marek Kralovsky come together, you get some seriously nightmarish filmmaking.

Milan's fifty-page treatment only proves the depth of his dark imagination. Nobody objects. This is good...and not so good.

The spot is a TRAILER for a fake horror movie

There's no movie. This is a fake. But we shoot a badass teaser, with a script that strategically hides the product: no packshot, no obvious sales pitch. It's an unrooted, nebulous concept. This is great fun for our artists, but hard to realize for our "concept-as-advertising".

Operation Boogie

We're in an impossible situation: we've planned 2 days of shooting, but have 46 shots on the technical storyboard. An incompatibility, to say the least. Should we cut it down? Hell no. Let's add an extra day, and take creative improvisation to the next level.

We bring on famous stills photographer Larry Horricks to the team, and get Pavel Rample aboard to solve our speeding train shot. Rample manages to get the train shot without moving an inch, but it takes a bunch of grizzled musclemen to pull it off. Throughout the 3 day shoot we encounter lots of road blocks, but go ad-hoc and turn them all to our benefit.

When Life Hands you Lemons...

Problems are opportunities in disguise: embrace them, and you get the magic. This is our MO, why and how we capture stunning shots. A powerful gale wind blusters in during the paintball shoot - pure beauty; an unscheduled engine appears like an apparition on a railway track - gorgeous. These moments confirm for us that yeah... - just simply fuc*king yeah.

Show off, show on

We get an abundance of solid footage, enabling us to deploy the promo material in a planned, deliberate manner. Our favourite part: Milan Da Silva doubles for Milan Balog to host a press conference on the "movie" in Dublin. In the meantime, Ireland gets ready for the new horror movie "It's Your Time".

48 Recognition